Research and educational center Typeflow

In 2019 in Rijeka, Croatia, a small group of enthusiasts concerned with the  history and future of printing established a research and educational association under the name Typeflow (Research and Educational Center Typeflow). Inspired by the glagolitic printing project undertaken by the bishop Šimun Benja Kožičić in 1530 and 1531 in Rijeka, Association is promoting the role of printing in history and contemporary society, primarily among school age children and young adults.
When fully completed the premises will contain a number of historic printing machines, tools and devices, as well as most recent SLA 3D printing equipment with the aim to organize workshops and demonstrations for children, young adults and general public. A number of other printing related activities will be held together with a yearly research conference where the most prominent scientists in the glagolitic field will present their latest research results.
The long term aim is to create a vibrant printing interpretation centre.

We are situated in the Sugar Refinery Palace (now Municipal Museum) the largest Neo-Baroque building on the east coast of the Adriatic.

Glagolitic weeks 2020&2021

Substantially supported by the City of Rijeka the Association held a Glagolitic week conferences in 2020 and 2021. The Weeks were greatly acclaimed by the media and very well accepted by elementary school pupils.



City of Rijeka
Rijeka City Library
Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka
City Museum of Rijeka
Natural science & graphic school Rijeka
Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb
University of Zadar, Department of Information Sciences, Centre for Research in Glagolism